Nicola Asuni

Curriculum Vitae

Nicola Asuni is a seasoned CTO, Solution Architect, Software and Systems Engineer with an entrepreneurial mindset and progressive international exposure. Experienced in establishing a vision and technical roadmap for a product, skilled in directing technical resources. Passionate about technology and acquiring new customers. Possesses in-depth programming experience in several languages as well as knowledge of developing new products from idea to successful launch.

Developed products include very popular, award-winning Open-Source Web applications and software libraries. Among them, the TCPDF library has a user base of millions and TCExam is the most frequently used free electronic exam system in the world.

Founder of (now splitted across AllPinouts and website, since 1998 the largest connector and cable pinouts archive on the web.

Experienced in GNU/Linux, continuous delivery, system operations and full-stack development.

Former sport athlete with a strong engineering background, he is an extremely creative and analytical mind who enjoys working alone or as an active member of a team, providing outstanding solutions in a timely fashion.

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