Nicola Asuni

Curriculum Vitae

Nicola Asuni is a Passionate Technology Leader with over 20 years of experience driving product vision, software development, and technical operations. Proven track record of leading international teams to architect, build, and launch successful software solutions from concept to market. Possesses extensive hands-on experience across the entire software development lifecycle and fluency in multiple programming languages. Recognized for developing award-winning open-source projects used by millions. Founded popular technical websites in 1998 demonstrating a long-standing commitment to innovation and community building.

Key Highlights

  • Architected and led international development teams for successful software products.
  • Developed high-quality, high-performance software libraries and tools across various languages and industries.
  • Strong analytical and creative mind with a dedication to excellence and teamwork.
  • Launched multiple award-winning open-source projects used by millions globally.
  • Founded popular technical websites since 1998.
  • Polyglot developer with fluency in multiple programming languages.
  • Background as a decorated international athlete.

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