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Since the first years of my life I demonstrated an innate passion for science and technology.
Defining myself with adjectives, I would say: eclectic, creative, dreamer, curious, skeptic, persevering, friendly and a hard worker.

Among my several hobbies I name:
  • Do-it-yourself. In a highly standardized world, do-it-yourself allows me to find personalized solutions and express my creativity, while reducing wastes and costs.
  • Photography. I love details and natural light.
  • Music. My musical interests range from classical music to rock, with particular predilection for guitarists. I enjoy singing and playing guitar in the spare time.
  • Cinema. I think it is a powerful and charming way of communication. I am an observing and critic viewer who prefers independent movies with non predictable story board.
  • Outdoors. Feeling close to the natural environment puts me in a good mood and recharges my batteries.


Trained by Franco Marcello, I begun the Track and Field carrier in 1989 as a sprinter.
I competed for the Atletica Cagliari, Atletica Oristano and Carabinieri Bologna sport clubs.
In 1997 I became an athlete of the Italian National Team.
In the evolving of my sport carrier, I have been awarded with many Regional, National and University titles, as well as I reached significant positions in international meetings.
In 2001 I discontinued the agonistic carrer to save more time for other activities and projects.
In 2003 I have been awarded by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) with the Bronze Medal to Sporting Value, a decoration given to a very few athletes.


  • 4x100m relay: Gold Medal - Mediterranean Games - 38.61 [Bari - ITA - 1997] (Asuni, Puggioni, Cipolloni, Floris) - games record
  • 4x100m relay: Gold Medal - Europ Cup - 38.80 [Monaco - GER - 1997] (Asuni, Puggioni, Cipolloni, Floris)
  • 100m: fourth place - Mediterranean Games - 10.40 [Bari - ITA - 1997]
  • 4x100m: Italian Champion [Roma 1998 (Carabinieri Bologna)]
  • 200m: Italian University Champion [Bari 1999 (CUS Cagliari)]
  • 200m: Italian University Champion [Torino 2000 (CUS Cagliari)]
  • 100m: Silver Medal - Italian University Championships [S.Marino 1997 (CUS Cagliari)]
  • 100m: Bronze Medal - Italian University Championships [Torino 2000 (CUS Cagliari)]
I currently hold the following absolute records in Sardinia:
  • 100m: 10.36 [Cesenatico 1997-05-24]
  • 200m: 20.99 [Milano 1997-07-06]
  • 4x100m relay: 41.08 [Oristano 1994] ([Atl. Oristano] Crobu, Dore, Idda, Asuni)
  • 80m: 8.82 [Nuoro 1994-04-23]
  • 150m: 15.48 [Nuoro 1997-04-13]

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